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Cirilo Rivas
Cirilo Rivas

The Relevance Of Prakash Chandra's International Relations Framework In The 21st Century [WORK]

International relations is a field of study that examines the interactions and relations among various actors and factors in the global arena. There are many theories and perspectives that try to explain and understand the dynamics and patterns of international relations, but most of them are derived from the Western world, which has dominated the global order for centuries. In this article, we will introduce the work of Prakash Chandra, a leading scholar of international relations who has developed a distinctive and relevant theory from an Indian standpoint. We will explore how his work is influenced by the historical and cultural factors that have shaped the worldview and foreign policy of India, and how his work has contributed to the development and recognition of a broader and more inclusive theory that reflects the diversity and complexity of the non-Western world.

The Relevance of Prakash Chandra's International Relations Framework in the 21st Century




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