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Authorized Training for Government employees


What is DoD Directive 8570.1?

  • It is viewed as a government endorsement of the effectiveness of commercial certification.

  • It provides military and civilian personnel with a certification that is professional, internationally recognized and vendor-neutral (not tied to any agency, technology or product).

  • It provides a portable certification that is recognized in both the public and private sectors.

  • It mandates and endorses a global standard (ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024).

  • It positions the information security profession as a distinct job series.

Who is Affected by DoD 8570.1?

Any full or part-time military service member/individual with privileged access to a DoD information system performing an Information Assurance (security) function is required to be certified.

  •  Office of the Secretary of Defense

  •  Military Departments

  •  Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

  •  Combatant Commands

  •  Office of the Inspector General of the DoD

  •  Defense Agencies

  •  DoD Field Activities

  • All other organizational entities in the DoD

Information Assurance Workforce Improvement Program

Training towards the 8570 IA baseline certifications can be obtained from any vendor.


Steps to Obtain an IA Baseline Certification


STEP 1. CONTACT your Information Assurance Manager and follow your Component’s procedures to IDENTIFY your position, level and certification requirements within the IA Workforce.


STEP 2. OBTAIN training for the IA baseline certification you wish to take.
Training towards the 8570 IA baseline certifications can be obtained from any vendor. Individuals or Components who are interested in receiving training for any approved IA baseline certification are encouraged (but not limited) to work through the approved IA baseline certification vendors to identify appropriate training vendors. Additionally, training for many of the IA baseline certifications is available for free via the Virtual Training Environment (VTE)


STEP 3. REQUEST a certification exam voucher from your IAM.


STEP 4. Once you have passed your certification, REGISTER your certification in the Defense Workforce Certification Application (DWCA)


STEP 5. NOTIFY your IA Manager once you have completed all your training and received your certification.

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