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Madni Rizwan
Madni Rizwan

November 2022 Work Progress Report: ZEC And ERG...

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Abstract: The Cangin languages are a small subgroup of Atlantic languages spoken in Senegal. All ban hiatus (sequences of two consecutive vowels) but resolve it in different ways. In two languages, the resolution strategies are not surprising: Palor and Ndut resolve hiatus through a combination of vowel deletion and glide epenthesis. In the others, however, the resolution strategies are more surprising: Noon and Laalaa (and probably Saafi) resolve hiatus through epenthesis of the coronal nasal [n]. Most of the lectures will be devoted to summarizing the patterns, sketching analyses, and determining the degree to which the [n] epenthesis pattern is predicted (or not) by extant theories of consonant epenthesis. This is work in progress, so your thoughts will be welcome!

Speaker: Bruna Karla Pereira (UFVJM)Title: Silent nouns (TYPE, HUE, SIZE, and SURNAME) in Brazilian Portuguese nominal concordTime: Tuesday, April 12th, 1pm - 2pmAbstract: This talk aims to present a work in progress on nominal concord in BP structures, such as the following: 59ce067264


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