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The Land Before Adventure

The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure is a 1994 American direct-to-video animated adventure musical film directed by Roy Allen Smith. It is the second installment and a sequel to the 1988 film The Land Before Time. It was released six years after the original and was the first in the series to be a direct-to-video production.[2]

the land before adventure

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Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, and Spike live a carefree life in the Great Valley under their families' watchful eyes. One day, the gang attempts to get to the sheltering grass to play, but land in the sinking sand surrounding it. The adults rescue them and chastise them for their recklessness. The next night, the children have a secret meeting and decide to prove their bravery and maturity by venturing into the Mysterious Beyond, a location outside the Valley that is inhabited by Sharpteeth. Before they leave, they notice two eggnappers, Ozzy and Strut, stealing an egg from the nest of Ducky's mother. The children pursue the intruders into the Mysterious Beyond. An ensuing landslide damages the Great Wall that surrounds the Valley and protects it from the Sharpteeth, and the stolen egg rolls safely back to the nest, but the group does not notice this in the confusion.

The adults inquire as to how the Sharpteeth entered the Valley, prompting the children to explain the events that resulted in the landslide. The adults set off to put together a plan to close the opening for good, telling the children to stay behind. Littlefoot runs to the forest to find Chomper. After finding him, they are chased and cornered by the two Sharpteeth. Chomper roars at them, and they recognize him as their son and leave with him. Littlefoot is then kidnapped by Ozzy and Strut, who plan to throw him off the Great Wall. Chomper hears Littlefoot screaming and leads his parents to Littlefoot's location. Chomper's parents rescue Chomper from an attempted intervention, and inadvertently do the same thing for Littlefoot by chasing Ozzy and Strut back into the Mysterious Beyond. Littlefoot bids Chomper farewell as he follows his parents, and he returns to the Valley to assist the adults in sealing up the entrance between the Valley and the Mysterious Beyond. Following his experiences, Littlefoot tells his grandparents that being young is not so bad after all, but decides he still looks forward to growing up.

Chomper and Mutt use a large leaf as a raft on which to support their egg while crossing the lake. Mutt reveals that he has trouble swimming, so Chomper suggests that he uses the leaf as support. They cross just in time to reach the shore before the mother arrives. As they were chosen next to lure the Sharptooth, Chomper growls to get her attention, and they continue running. Meanwhile Ducky, Petrie and Nod move through a field of pollinating dandelions and some pollen (called "flower dust") is pushed into the air making Nod sneeze and the egg (with Ducky on it) fly off his back. Petrie quickly grabs Ducky's tail and they fall down soft enough that the egg doesn't break.

The teams reunite in the canyon as the mother Fast Biter catches up with them again, and narrowly escape up a small cliff. Finally, miles away from the cave through which they entered the Mysterious Beyond, they reach the cave below the mountain at which to deposit the eggs. The mother Fast Biter arrives to see her eggs safe and proceeds to walk toward the children. Just before she can attack Ducky, her children start to hatch and she runs over to them; the gang watches from a safe distance as the family bonds.

The third cut scene occurs after Mr. Thicknose says "You can all come if you like. Just ask your parents before we go." In the cut version the break occurs right after this, and skips to them traveling in the woods. The scene goes as followed:

Another brief scene was cut at the start of the children's adventure with Mr. Thicknose. In the uncut version, when the camera zooms in on the children for the first time, they simply walk past and the scene then goes to Mr. Thicknose talking to them. In the cut scene, however, Petrie flys around a bit as they walk past and the camera goes upwards to show him looking nervously around. The scene then goes to Littlefoot and Chomper looking scared and nervous; when Chomper realizes he is getting farther away from Littlefoot he quickly dashes forwards. Cera also has a noticeable smirk which is absent from the released version.

od by piling atop each other to reach it and pull it down. Cera remains aloof and arrogant, boasting that she is independent, but at nightfall, she, along with the others, gravitates to Littlefoot's sleeping nest for warmth and companionship. The Sharptooth attacks them in the morning, but they escape through a cave-tunnel too small to admit him, and discover a Longneck-shaped monolith mentioned by Littlefoot's mother. Although they pass other landmarks she mentioned, such as string of volcanoes, Cera grows impatient as the search begins to yield no results and quarrels with Littlefoot, causing a schism in the little herd Pooh & friends watch helplessly as their friends quarrel. Littlefoot continues in the direction he was told, while the others follow Cera, who goes another way Pooh & friends go because they believe it to be easy and all they wanted was to get to the Great Valley. As Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Rabbit, Eeyore, Ducky, Spike, and Petrie fall into danger involving a lava barrier and a tar pit, Littlefoot comes and rescues them. They then save Cera from an aggressive herd of Pachycephalosaurus while disguised as a giant tar-monster, which frightens Cera. Angry, humiliated and heartbroken, Cera tearfully leaves the group.

We fade into a dark blue sky with a stratus cloud in the middle. The "Ahh Chorus" synthesizer pad plays (which actually starts playing just before the fade in) as the stratus cloud begins to part, and the orange text, "The Land Before Time: Adventures in The Big City", emerges from the parting stratus cloud, thickens just after it appears, and begins to zoom in as the cloud continues to part away. Singers intone "Do, do, do..." The cloud disappears from both sides as the text zooms in closer, and the camera moves through the letter "B" into a birds-eye view of New York City. We swoop over the Statue of Liberty and the One World Trade Center, fading into a street in Downtown Manhattan afterwards. We slowly zoom down the street while passing by Anti-Painless Dentistry towards the purple-colored Anderson Elementary School.

The camera cuts to a slightly low shot of Ducky, wobbling back and forth on her bike while on her way home, with a large stack of books in her bike's basket and her saxophone case behind her. She hits a bump, and all the books fly into the air, and then land safely back in the basket. She makes a turn (to our left) down the street passing by a streetlight, and finally arriving at the apartment. In a view showing the driveway, she jumps off her bike in the driveway, grabbing her books and instrument case. The bike moves into the garage as the garage door opens for both the bike and for Garfield's car, as Ruby runs to the front door. Garfield's car comes from left to right, makes the turn into the driveway and stops as the camera zooms in onto the car. From the right, Hyp one-hops his skateboard across Garfield's car. Garfield gets out, ducks under Etta who was flying (saying "D'oh!"), just in time to see Ruby's car. He screams, and runs into the garage as her car pulls in behind him. Frightened, he looks behind his left shoulder, then behind his right, and then opens the door leading into the downstairs hallway of the house.

In search of some adventure in their safe and peaceful valley, the five dinosaur friends make a hideaway. From there, they spot two thieves in action, stealing an egg from one of their broods. They chase them down and manage to recover the egg without its parents noticing, but in the process, accidentally create an opening into the valley, allowing two dreaded Sharptooths in. Everyone must fight them off together to preserve their peaceful way of life. 041b061a72


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