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David Sanchez
David Sanchez

Bruno Mars Doo-wops And Hooligans Zip [CRACKED] Download

Mars said about the album title, "I have records that women are going to relate to and men are going to relate to. So doo-wops are for the girls, and hooligans are for the guys."[5] He elaborated in several interviews: "I grew up listening to my dad, who loved doo-wop music"; those sounds are "straight to the point" and simple; they rely on a "beautiful melody and voice", representing his romantic side. Due to his youth, he also liked to party (indicating his hooligan side).[6][7] Mars said in an MTV News interview that he had completed his debut album. His debut EP, It's Better If You Don't Understand, released earlier in the year, provided "a little taste of what's in store".[8]

bruno mars doo-wops and hooligans zip download



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