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Buy Mini Greenhouse

The props to hold up the glass roof of this Forest greenhouse are a nice feature, as are the two front doors hinged at the side for easy access. Thanks to styrene-insulated walls, this mini greenhouse offers great plant protection during winter months.

buy mini greenhouse

The clever design makes this mini greenhouse a versatile product. All the elements simply stack on top of each other, so you can easily remove the lid, sides and handled base tray to access your plants. You can even detach the upper parts to use as a garden cloche in your flower beds.

It's recommended that you use a good quality wood treatment on the FCS certified Eucalyptus frames to keep them weatherproof for long periods, but this mini greenhouse is made of sturdy stuff. It should provide well insulated shelter to all your little plants.

This three-tiered wooden mini greenhouse is designed to stand flush against a wall and has a sloping roof to channel rainwater away from its contents, making it a good option if space is at a premium.

Its aluminium structure comes with a 25-year framework guarantee and 4mm toughened glass lets the light in whilst keeping wind out. Particularly nice are the rung bars that make up the shelves. The spacing allows excess water to drain. Plus if you have plants that like to hang down, they're allowed to freely do so.

Its charm arguably lies in its simplicity - built for easy assembly and minimal faffing. Horticultural glass conducts heat and allows UV rays to reach your plants so you can count on this mini greenhouse being a slightly warmer environment for keeping your plants in.

Bloomscape's gardening expert, Lindsay Pangborn, explains, "Mini greenhouses are a smaller version of cold-frame houses, used to extend the growing season. Plants are able to grow and bloom during earlier periods of the spring and can continue to do so even when the weather gets chillier in the fall."

Mini greenhouses can also be helpful for germinating seeds in spring, Angelo Kelvakis, master horticulturist at Rise Gardens, explains. Their warm, moist environment can help tiny seedlings grow strong before it gets warm enough to plant them outside.

Plus, if you're looking to turn your home into a plant paradise, Ayelet Faerman of Verdant Lyfe adds, "Small greenhouses are a great way to enhance your decor and bring plants inside while giving them optimal living conditions."

Often, the greenhouse is constructed of glass or plastic, with a seal that can be easily opened and closed. When sealed, it allows sunlight or artificial light to trap in heat and humidity for optimal growing conditions.

Whether it's a corner of your backyard or a corner of your kitchen (the perfect spot for herbs!), a mini greenhouse can reside wherever you have space. It works with the home you have rather than the garden you dream of (someday!).

Your biggest decision when choosing a mini greenhouse is the size you want to commit to. Do you have room in your yard for a small walk-in greenhouse? Would you prefer something that can live on a counter in your kitchen?

For all their different sizes and uses, greenhouses also come in a variety of materials, though, as Kelvakis explains, "They tend to fall into two categories: plastic and easy to move or glass and more permanent." Besides being heavier-duty, glass greenhouses also tend to be sturdier and pricer. You'll also find lightweight aluminum options for an in-between solution.

The closure on your greenhouse is essentially your temperature control. On a plastic greenhouse, a zipper is effective at sealing in the heat. Avoid Velcro, as it may not seal fully, throwing off your optimal conditions.

More isn't always better when it comes to shelving. Consider the type of plants that will live in your greenhouse and determine the number and height of the shelves that will best suit your plants' dimensions.

Hyland points out that ease of use is critical, "You don't want a greenhouse that is difficult to set up or take down." Also, some may require more regular cleaning than others. Look carefully at the care instructions, and weigh those against the time you want to dedicate to greenhouse gardening.

A basic greenhouse is great, but there are so many tempting ways to go extra. You can find a greenhouse with hooks for hanging plants, a built-in grow light, a potting bench, and even fans and hoses. Decide what you need to live your best gardening life, and choose the best greenhouse accordingly.

This compact mini greenhouse is made for starting seeds, particularly as you look toward the spring and summer herb seasons. The lightweight design is easy to assemble, yet it's sturdy enough to protect a few plants from harsh weather. Start your plants indoors or out, then watch them grow until they're ready to transplant to your garden.

Rotate your plants out with the season, and take advantage of the locking wheels to move the greenhouse around, depending on light needs throughout the day. With a PVC cover, it also protects your plants, along with creating an ideal climate for their needs.

When you want to get a head-start on your spring veggies, this four-tier portable greenhouse lets you begin your seedling indoors, even when you're still facing below-freezing temperatures outside. The lightweight metal structure has a zippered roll-up door, and screened ventilation allows for ideal climate control.

If you have large plants that need to spend the winter in a warm, humid environment, look no further than this walk-in greenhouse. It's made for plants that need a roomy home and allows you to control their climate through ventilation, humidity, water, and more.

The greenhouse requires no tools to set up or break down, so you can bring it out as the chill sets in each winter to keep your plants safe, then store it again when the temperature rises. Reviewers do note that it is not strong enough to stand up to a heavy breeze, so you'll want to find a way to secure it outdoors.

At just $22, Faerman says, "The Ikea cabinet needs some modifications to work but is the best bang for your buck long term." This small steel greenhouse is perfect for tabletop gardeners, with just enough room for several small plants or a grouping of seedlings as you get plants ready for their spring debut outdoors.

At 5 feet wide and nearly 6 feet tall, the Hampton Mini Greenhouse is not necessarily full size, but it is large enough that you'll probably want an outdoor space that accommodates the larger footprint. With toughened safety glass, wall and ground fixing, and an aluminum structure, it's made to withstand the elements. While the greenhouse is designed to be placed against a wall, it also comes with an optional glass back if needed.

Again, if you're starting vegetables and herbs from seed, a mini greenhouse is a great option. Jason White, the CEO of All About Gardening, says, "Basil can be a very sensitive plant to grow, especially when it is young. Starting it out in a mini greenhouse will give it a layer of protection to allow it to reach maturity first."

Whether you're looking to extend your harvest season, always have fresh herbs on hand for your favorite recipes, or admire your flowering plants year-round, a mini greenhouse makes that possible. These nine options are a great place to start showing off your green thumb.

The greenhouse has a lightweight steel frame and comes with four wind ropes and hooks, so you can easily anchor it for extra stability. This makes it ideal for windy days but also for people with pets.

I am curious if any of these reviewed greenhouses are made from eco friendly materials? I am looking to buy a small temporary greenhouse for my apartment deck to protect my edible plants from nearby construction debris and chemicals.

Like many DIY projects, this mini greenhouse by @goldengateroots started with a lucky find on Facebook Marketplace. To convert the old curio cabinet into a greenhouse, she gave the entire thing a thorough cleaning, then added grow lights to each shelf.

A decorative lantern meant for candles makes a great mini greenhouse, as seen here from @krisreneeauthor. The glass keep the micro environment warm and humid, but you could also add a small grow light to further improve the conditions for the plant.

To keep the delicate plants safe from cool nighttime temperatures, he inserted these translucent umbrellas. Such a simple solution that results in instant mini greenhouses perfectly fitted for each pot!

This mini indoor greenhouse from @stephbplants_ is actually the Milsbo glass-door cabinet from IKEA. The cabinet itself keeps plants protected. But if you want serious growing power, convert the cabinet further by adding grow lights and a small fan for air circulation.

This project from proves that with a little creativity, you can make a mini greenhouse from almost anything. The glass dome shown here actually came from the door of an old broken washing machine! The heavy glass keeps the environment moist and warm.

A firm, level floor, such as paving slabs or gravel on top of hard core and sand, allow for easy access and drainage and can be wetted (damped down) with a hose or watering can in summer to keep the air humid. A soil border is a good way to grow greenhouse crops.

Combining the light and heat of a timber-frame greenhouse with the storage of a shed, they have one greenhouse section with windows for potting and growing plants, typically with staging, and one shed section, for storing tools, compost, and equipment. Combi sheds are a great-value option that will save you paying twice for a greenhouse and a shed.

The Halls Popular Greenhouse has a sliding door and a single roof vent, as well as integral gutters. You can choose between a simple, aluminium or powder-coated green frame, and pick either horticultural glass, toughened glass, or polycarbonate panes. It can also be fitted with a galvanised steel base to save you the trouble of preparing the ground.

We love the ventilation on offer with this 9x6ft greenhouse. You can open up the windows all along one side of the roof to let lots of air in, and the double doors open out too. This greenhouse can be customised too - for a little extra money, you can have the wood pressure treated, buy a greenhouse base, or include shelving and guttering. 041b061a72


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