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[S7E4] Where The Road Goes

While Dean goes to the bar, Sam gets the sketch of the "weird symbols" from Warner and tells him that they have to go back to the barn where he was on trial. Warner refuses, so Sam sets him up in a chair surrounded by a ring of salt before leaving, already on the phone to Bobby for a consult on the symbols. When he arrives at the orchard, he goes to the large red barn that Warner described, but it's empty except for hay and a little red dirt. When he's about to leave, he gets a call from Bobby, who tells him that the symbols were Egyptian, from the Book of the Dead, and that they're dealing with Osiris, an Egyptian God who can see directly into a human heart. He weighs a person's guilt, and if he finds more than "a feather's worth," he kills them. Sam wants to hunt him down, but Bobby tells him that he and Dean need to get away before Osiris hones in on them.

[S7E4] Where the Road Goes

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Back at the motel, they find police and see a body being wheeled away on a gurney. Warner didn't stay in the circle of salt in their room and was killed by the ghosts of the people he murdered thirty years ago. Dean is resigned, but Sam won't give up on him. Bobby calls and tells them that Osiris can be banished for a few hundred years if he's stabbed with a ram's horn, something used in Jewish traditions, so Sam goes to a find a Jewish temple where he can steal one. Dean stays behind in a circle of salt, and Jo's ghost appears soon after Sam leaves.

Sansa brings Arya to Bran in the Godswood, where he is lost in thought by the Weirwood heart tree. Arya is saddened to see him so paralyzed. Still somewhat detached even at the sight of Arya, he says he isn't surprised she's alive because he saw her at the Crossroads. Arya is confused, and Sansa explains that Bran is having "visions" now. Bran says he thought Arya was going to King's Landing, and when Sansa asks why she would head there of all places, he again startles them both by saying it's because Cersei is on her list of names (which he can't possibly be aware of through normal means). Sansa asks who else is on her list, but she says most of them besides Cersei are actually dead already. 041b061a72


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