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Axel Kelly
Axel Kelly

Sodom And Gomorrah Full [PATCHED] Movie Indonesia Subtitles 33

U are so ignorant! God said that its an abomination to have sex with the same sex!- what part of that dont u understand?! God hates that!- all sin!- especially being gay or homo! Or beimg a lesbian! Wake up! Love one another but hate the sin!- not support it ok!- u need to repent of this sin! If u support anything God hates u are sinning against God!- thats wrong!- not hate speech!- its the truth!- whether u or anyone else here lije it or not!- that is why God destroyed sodom and gomorrah before!- and he will do it again! Genesis 19! So shame on you!- and those who support this disgusting and nasty lifestyle! Im proud to be anti gay!- anti sin!- thats a good thing! All gays are worthy of death! God said so! And they will all burn in hell for it!- thats theyre own fault!- not mine or Gods!

Sodom And Gomorrah Full Movie Indonesia Subtitles 33

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