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[S1E5] Aches Pains ~UPD~

Capheus finally reaches the address he was given. He stumbles on a warehouse guarded by men in suits. The man at the door gestures him to enter and Capheus enters. Capheus sees Silas is waiting for him. Silas congratulates him for passing the test. Capheus approaches him and gives him the bag. Silas says that he had to know how far he would go. He says that he's the man he needs as he opens the backpack and reveals that it was only filled with two coconuts. He then gives Capheus the AIDS medicine, and says he will be in touch. Capheus leaves the warehouse, carrying the medicine with him.

[S1E5] Aches Pains

A National Health Interview Survey reveals that 1 out of 5 adults suffer from chronic pain in the U.S., reporting everyday or almost-daily pain. This shows that muscle pain is widespread. As a result, one may experience a lower quality of life, diminished productivity, and higher medical and economic costs. So why does myalgia or muscle aches and pains happen?

Magnesium can enhance sleep quality by effectively relaxing your mind and body. The essential mineral activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which controls our ability to be calm. Once our nerve activity is in quiet mode, it can be easier to doze off and sink into a deep sleep. When you're more rested, you have a better chance of keeping bodily pains at bay.

When the crimson tide rises, it's common for females in the reproductive stage to expect the onslaught of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms. These may include migraine attacks, headaches, bloating, mood changes, and abdominal cramps. If you are a PMS sufferer, taking magnesium may help regulate menstrual pain. Several studies show that magnesium for muscle pain can help reduce the severity of PMS symptoms.

One of the big lessons was discovering the role leverages play in your set up and your ability to handle stress from week to week. The conclusion from all of that was that different people are going to have to follow a different set of rules when it comes to making their deadlift program sustainable. This is obvious when we look at the top 100 list on and consider how many different technical approaches have been used in order to pull world-record weight.

Sam, even though the secret he is keeping is pretty bad, leans back in the seat, with a sense of peace that he has set that boundary and he handled it and he saved Charlie with it. The moment is not long-lasting, because then, like his nightmare come to life, he sees Jess, in a white nightdress, standing on the sidewalk, staring at the car as it approaches.

Most adults have suffered from back pain at some point in their lives. If you have dealt with an injury, nagging aches, or piercing, shooting pain, you probably wondered if the pain would go away on its own. When is does further treatment, or surgery, become necessary?MedStar Health neurosurgeon Jugal Shah, MD, demystifies back pain and spine surgery on this episode of DocTalk. Learn more about spinal conditions, how and why nature designed the spine, and which symptoms are most concerning.Dr. Shah sees patients at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center, MedStar Harbor Hospital, and in Ellicott City, Maryland. Dr. Shah specializes in brain and spine disease, with a particular interest in minimally invasive and robotic spinal surgery. He treats spinal degeneration, instability, spinal cord and nerve compression, trauma, cancer, and cranial pathologies.For interviews with Dr. Shah, or for more information about this podcast, contact Regional Media Relations Director,

Another factor is relaxin, a hormone that "relaxes the ligaments in the pelvis and softens and widens the cervix," according to Your Hormones. This hormone tends to be stronger and activated more quickly in second pregnancies, which means more body aches and discomfort, according to Today's Parent.

A while later, they reach the State House but find it deserted. Joel approaches a truck and opens it to find several Firefly corpses within. Tess then charges into the building with Ellie, Joel following as they discover the Fireflies became infected and killed each other. Joel then insists they go home and abandon their operation but Tess reveals she was bitten by one of the clickers and can't leave. Shocked, Joel tries to deny it but Tess compares her bite with Ellie's, proving Ellie is really immune. A Firefly-infected then rises up, causing Joel to kill it with his revolver. The shot attracts the infected horde from the main street.

Joel and Ellie journey to Wyoming over the next three months. During it, Joel teaches Ellie how to stand guard and keep watch though never lets her do it herself. They eventually reach Wyoming and go to Cody but find it crawling with infected. Desperate, Joel and Ellie break into a remote cabin and interrogate an elderly Native American couple, Marlon and Florence, for information about their location and how best to travel westwards. The couple brush off Joel's aggression, revealing across the nearby Yellowstone River (dubbed the "River of Death") is a potentially dangerous group whom mercilessly kill survivors and infected and leave their corpses across the river. Joel and Ellie exit the cabin, but Joel staggers against a nearby post, clutching his chest and breathing sharply. Ellie grows worried and, upon her saying she will be in trouble if Joel is dying, Joel insists he is fine and begins walking again.

They are soon interrupted by a party of armed survivors on horseback, who demand they drop their weapons. As their leader looks on, one of the men asks if they have been near any infected, before sending a dog to check for any signs of infection. The dog ignores Joel, but it is then sent to inspect Ellie. Joel requests they talk and try and sort something out, even tossing away his own rifle, but the man insists everyone must be checked. As the dog approaches Ellie, Joel finds himself overcome with terror at the prospect of Ellie getting shot, but is relieved when the dog plays with Ellie instead. thankfully the dog seems more interested in playing with her. Having confirmed they are not infected, Joel explains he is looking for his brother; hearing this, the leader of the group suddenly steps forward and asks for his name. Joel reveals it and the woman permits him and Ellie to ride on horses and travel to their settlement with them.

The pair then walk into the city, eventually reaching an abandoned building. Joel guesses the building was planned to be demolished before the outbreak but ironically was not destroyed in the military's carpet bombing campaign. He spies a ladder and calls out to Ellie to help him reach it. However, she does not respond again. Joel approaches her and says her name again, remarking his concern that she is being unusually quiet. Ellie apologizes and the pair prepare to reach the ladder.

However, while lifting it down, Ellie suddenly drops it, crying out at something. Panicked, Joel hastily climbs the ladder to see Ellie running further upwards. He pursues her, finally stopping when he sees what she was searching for: a giraffe. Joel approaches it, tearing leaves from a nearby foliage on the building and gifts it to Ellie, prompting her to feed the giraffe. Ellie giggles as she feeds it, causing Joel to smile. The giraffe then moves on and the pair follow it to a balcony looking over a large field where a herd of giraffes walk. Taking in the view, Joel breaks the silence by getting serious. He remarks that they do not have to go to the hospital, noting they could return to Jackson and reunite with Tommy. Ellie promises she will follow Joel to wherever he wants, but insists that they finish their journey first, claiming they have come too far and done too much to turn back now. Joel relents and they descend the building.

She approaches him but Joel, his decision made, uses his pistol to shoot Marlene in the stomach. The woman collapses, bleeding out. Joel carries Ellie to the car and places her inside. Marlene's pained grunts prompt him to walk back over to her. Marlene tearfully begs Joel to spare her. Joel counters that she would only try to come after Ellie. Without a thought, he aims his gun and executes Marlene before returning to the car and driving away.

This episode of Black Lightning was very busy and all over the place. Things were happening with four different characters and the action jumped back and forth like crazy. I'm going to focus by person rather than chronological and we'll start off with Jefferson (Cress Williams). Black Lightning is out testing a theory Gambi (James Remar) came up with that BL could use his powers to fly and he tries it by leaping of a building. Why not just try to rise up off the ground? Not as flashy. While out testing flight, he comes across another guy freaking out on Green Light going up against the cops. He stops it without anyone dying, telling the cops to try a taser first next time. Gambi has tracked down an invoice and they find a place where Green Light had be stored. BL gets a name, Joey Toledo (Eric Mendenhall), who used to be the right hand of Tobias Whale (Marvin 'Krondon' Jones III). Jefferson starts getting headaches and they get worse as the episode goes on. At one point he passes out and Gambi has to call Lynn (Christine Adams). She can't figure out what's wrong with Jefferson, but Gambi thinks it might be the new command chip for the suit. Jefferson visit Inspector Bill Henderson (Damon Gupton) from behind a bush using his BL voice and we learn that they sort of worked together in the past. He gives Henderson a phone to call him if he gets a lead on Toledo. Henderson finds Toledo's girlfriend and BL takes it from there. Tracking her to a club and calling Toledo outside where he tries to get Tobias' location but ends up being hit with another severe headache that incapacitates him and Toledo gets away. The episode ends with Black Lightning struggling to get up. 041b061a72


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