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Top 10 CS Factoids

Check out SA’s Top 10 CS Factoids

The U.S. government has increased its annual cyber security budget by 35% going from $14B budgeted in 2016, to $19B in 2017 – Office of Management and Budget (OMB)“Cyber Security is one of the few industries experiencing zero-percent unemployment.  Companies are going to have to invest heavily in training upcoming c

yber professionals as the talent gap widens” – CEO, Herjavec Group (Managed Securities Services provider)One-third (35%) of cyber jobs call for an industry certification, compared to 23% of IT jobs overall (Burning Technologies, 2016)More than 209,000 cybersecurity jobs in the US are unfilled and job postings are up 74% … (2016 Stanford University/Bureau of Labor Statistics Analysis)IT Auditor roles are the hardest to fill (Finance and Insurance).  They remain open about 43 days longer than any other cyber security job posting, 3 days longer than the average)Cyber workers can command a wage salary premium of nearly $6,500 per year or 9% more than other workers – at entry level.  (Burning Glass Technologies)JP Morgan & Chase has announced it is doubling its annual cyber security budget from $250M to $500MCyber attacks cost businesses between $400 million and $500 million a year in direct damage, disruption and recovery, according to the insurer Lloyds of London.

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