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Club USA November 1996

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Harrison was born in Stoke-on-Trent and raised in Bolton, Greater Manchester where he attended Harwood Meadows Primary School and then Turton Secondary School. Harrison spent a short time at the Liverpool academy as a seven-year-old but eventually opted to attend Manchester United's academy, where he spent seven years. At age 14, Jack made the decision to leave the Manchester United academy to attend Berkshire School in Sheffield, Massachusetts,[5] also representing their affiliated club team, Black Rock FC.[6] In 2015, Harrison was the Gatorade National Player of the Year for high-school soccer.[7] Harrison is one of five overseas players to move to the U.S. for high school and win Gatorade National Player of the Year on the men's side, all since 2012.[8]

In December 2015, reports emerged that New York City were attempting to claim Harrison as a homegrown player because he had played with club youth affiliate Manhattan Soccer Club for the previous three years, allowing them to sign him before the draft.[10] However this claim was rejected by MLS, and Harrison entered the 2016 MLS SuperDraft as the youngest available player. On 14 January 2016, he was selected[11] as the #1 overall pick in the 2016 MLS SuperDraft by Chicago Fire and traded to New York City for the #4 overall pick, Brandon Vincent, plus allocation money.[12][13][14] Shortly after the draft it was discovered that Harrison had a fractured pelvic bone which left him on the sidelines for the first three months of his New York City career.[15]

The tour for Pinkerton was among the most extensive and taxing the band has ever embarked on. The tour ended in tragedy, with the death of the band's fan club founders Mykel and Carli Allan. The tribute performance organized for the Allan sisters would be the band's last public performance for three years. It was also that dog.'s final performance before their initial break up. With this event and Pinkerton's middling reviews, Weezer would retreat into an extended hiatus and leave many to believe they had broken up. Despite this, the tour and its namesake record would receive a critical reappraisal in the 21st century. The band's performance at the 1996 Bizarre Festival in Germany is now held in particularly high esteem. Nerf Herder, an opener on one of the North American legs, reminisced on their experience sharing a bill with the band in the 2016 song "We Opened for Weezer." Interestingly, Weezer spent certain legs of the tour as opening acts themselves, sharing a bill with No Doubt through the summer of 1997.

1. The World Food Summit was held at FAO Headquarters inRome, Italy, from 13 to 17 November 1996, in conformity with theFAO Conference Resolution 2/95 of 31 October 1995. During thatperiod, the Summit held nine Plenary Sessions.MESSAGE FROM HIS HOLINESS POPE JOHN PAULII

30. At its first meeting, the Committee considered thecredentials of the members of the delegation of Afghanistan headedby "H.E. Professor Burhanuddin Rabbani, President of theIslamic State of Afghanistan". The Committee, noting thedecision of the Credentials Committee of the United Nations GeneralAssembly to defer any decision on the credentials of the representativesof Afghanistan to the General Assembly at its first meeting on11 October 1996, decided also to defer any decision on their credentials.The Committee noted that, in accordance with Rule 4 of the Rulesof Procedure of the Summit, representatives were entitled to participateprovisionally in the Summit pending the report of the Committeeon their credentials. The delegation of the Islamic Republic ofPakistan requested the Secretary-General of the World Food Summit"to place on record its reservation in regard to the credentialsof the delegation of Afghanistan, headed by Professor BurhanuddinRabbani, present at the World Food Summit".

32. The World Food Summit concluded its work and was declaredclosed on 17 November 1996, at 12:15 hours. The closing statementsof the Director-General of FAO an


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