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The themes were carefully chosen and are both of high interest to learners, and more importantly, relevant to their lives. Every effort was made to ensure the stories would authentically represent learners themselves as well as events and issues that a typical learner may experience.

the present spencer johnson pdf

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Astronomy is a popular subject for non-science majors in the United States, often representing a last formal exposure to science. Research has demonstrated the efficacy of active learning, but college astronomy instructors are often unaware of the tools and methods they can use to increase student comprehension and engagement. This book focuses on practical implementation of evidence-based strategies that are supported by research literature. Chapter topics include an overview of learner-centered theories and strategies for course design and implementation, the use of Lecture-Tutorials, the use of technology and simulations to support learner-centered teaching, the use of research-based projects, citizen science, World Wide Telescope and planetariums in instruction, an overview of assessment, considerations for teaching at a community college, and strategies to increase the inclusivity of courses.

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