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The GazettE - Red (Music Clip)

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IF YOU POST THIS SOMEWHERE ELSE MAKE SURE TO GIVE ME PROPER CREDIT + LINK BACK TO TRAUMA-RADIO. seriously. this took me three days and 25 hours to write (5h + 5h + 15h). oh and i should probably praise the japanese gazette fandom for having about a million lyric explanation sites where they have gathered all the quotes about the songs. going through those sites made this a lot faster than it would have been if i had had to read through about a hundred magazines.also, big thanks to heresiarchy for listening to me cry about how tiring this was on skype and helping me and just being the best support anyone could ever have. i love you. also my apologies to everyone who follows me on twitter.

Pictured, clipped from the online archives at, a photo from the April 18, 1994, Journal Gazette of Sound Source Music Guitar Throwing Contest winner, and current JG-TC staff writer, Clint Walker.

This example from mid-1915 starts with a sheepdog trial at a showground, followed by shots of the British barque Inverness-Shire, dismasted by wild weather off the coast of Tasmania. The third segment (unfortunately damaged by deterioration of the nitrate film) records a parade heading down Collins St in Melbourne in aid of the French Red Cross. The clip ends with the mammoth funeral procession in Sydney for the great Australian batsman Victor Trumper.

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Loren Gray was just 13 years old when she became famous on TikTok ( at the time) in 2015. Despite being bullied for her budding social media stardom, Gray would get the last laugh in 2019 when she became TikTok's most-followed user for an entire year. Apart from succeeding as one of TikTok's highest-earning users, Gray's since forged a singing career for herself and has appeared in music videos for fellow pop stars like Taylor Swift ("The Man"). 781b155fdc


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