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Charles Long
Charles Long

[S1E8] Jesse's Girl

In a flashback, they find out why Jesse seems poised to do great bodily harm to Joey. It all began when he brought home his latest girlfriend Corinna, ostensibly to give her guitar lessons. Corinna is a teacher who wants to learn how to play guitar so she can play it for her students.

[S1E8] Jesse's Girl

During the comedic chaos that was Episode 1, Sophie (Hilary Duff) meets Jesse (Chris Lowell). Jesse is straight up cynical about love, but once Sophie realizes why, she understands Jesse's reasoning a bit more. He recently went viral for a failed proposal to his girlfriend and bandmate, Meredith, which not only crushed him but made him a bit of a laughingstock.

Sid orders Meredith to stay put in his shared apartment with Jesse. Panicking, he calls Ellen (Tien Tran) with an emergency code M, for "Jesse's heart-breaking ex-girlfriend Meredith is back looking for him." 041b061a72


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