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How to Enjoy the Complete Steeleye Span Discography in High-Quality FLAC Format

Steeleye Span Discography 27CD 1970-2007 FLAC

If you are a fan of British folk rock, you have probably heard of Steeleye Span, one of the most influential and enduring bands in the genre. Formed in 1969 by former Fairport Convention bassist Ashley Hutchings, Steeleye Span have released 27 studio albums over the course of their career, spanning from 1970 to 2007. Their discography is a treasure trove of traditional songs, original compositions, and musical innovations, all delivered in high-quality FLAC format for the best audio experience.

Steeleye Span Discography 27CD 19702007 FLAC

Who are Steeleye Span?

Steeleye Span are a British folk rock band that emerged from the 1970s folk revival, along with other acts like Fairport Convention, Pentangle, and The Albion Band. Their name comes from a character in the traditional song "Horkstow Grange", which they did not record until 1998. Their original line-up consisted of Ashley Hutchings on bass, Tim Hart and Maddy Prior on vocals and guitar, and Terry and Gay Woods on vocals and various instruments. Over the years, they have seen many personnel changes, with Maddy Prior being the only constant member. Some of the notable musicians who have been part of Steeleye Span include Martin Carthy, Peter Knight, Bob Johnson, Rick Kemp, Nigel Pegrum, John Kirkpatrick, Ken Nicol, and Pete Zorn.

What is their musical style?

Steeleye Span are known for their distinctive blend of traditional and contemporary elements in their music. They often take old songs from the British Isles, especially the Child Ballads, and arrange them with electric instruments, rock rhythms, and vocal harmonies. They also write their own songs that reflect their interest in history, folklore, and social issues. They have experimented with different genres and influences over the years, such as medieval music, psychedelia, hard rock, jazz, world music, and even rap. They have also collaborated with other artists and groups, such as David Bowie, Mike Oldfield, The Chieftains, and The Carnival Band.

What are some of their best albums?

Steeleye Span have released 27 studio albums between 1970 and 2007, each one showcasing a different aspect of their musical evolution. Here are some of their most acclaimed and popular albums:

  • Hark! The Village Wait (1970): Their debut album features mostly traditional songs from England and Ireland, sung by Tim Hart, Maddy Prior, Terry Woods, and Gay Woods. It has a rustic and acoustic sound that contrasts with their later electric style.

  • Please to See the King (1971): Their second album marks the arrival of Martin Carthy and Peter Knight to the band, as well as their transition to a more electric sound. It consists entirely of traditional songs arranged with electric guitars, bass, violin, mandolin, and vocals.

  • Below the Salt (1972): Their fourth album is considered one of their masterpieces. It features some of their most famous songs, such as "Gaudete", a Latin hymn sung a cappella; "King Henry", a ballad about a king who encounters a fearsome giant; and "Saucy Sailor", a sea shanty with a twist.

All Around My Hat (1975): Their eighth album is their most commercially successful one. It contains their biggest hit single,

What are some of their best songs?

Steeleye Span have recorded hundreds of songs over the decades, many of them based on traditional tunes and lyrics. Some of their most memorable and beloved songs are:

  • The Blacksmith: A haunting song about a woman who is betrayed by a blacksmith. It was the first track on their debut album Hark! The Village Wait, and features Gay Woods on vocals and autoharp.

  • The Wee Wee Man: A humorous song about a man who encounters a fairy creature in the woods. It was the opening track on their second album Please to See the King, and showcases their electric folk sound.

  • Gaudete: A Latin hymn from the 16th century that celebrates the birth of Christ. It was sung a cappella by Maddy Prior, Tim Hart, Bob Johnson, and Peter Knight on their fourth album Below the Salt. It became their first hit single, reaching number 14 on the UK charts.

  • The King: A rousing song about King Henry VIII and his six wives. It was written by Peter Knight and Bob Johnson for their sixth album Now We Are Six, which featured David Bowie on saxophone. It was also the title track of their 1996 compilation album The King.

Why listen to their discography in FLAC format?

FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec, which is a type of audio file that preserves the original quality of the sound without any compression or loss of data. This means that you can enjoy Steeleye Span's discography in the best possible sound quality, without any distortion or noise. FLAC files are also compatible with most devices and players, and can be easily converted to other formats if needed. If you are a music lover who appreciates the nuances and details of Steeleye Span's music, you will definitely want to listen to their discography in FLAC format.

What do critics and fans say about their discography?

Steeleye Span have received critical acclaim and fan appreciation for their discography, especially for their innovative and adventurous approach to folk rock. They have been praised for their vocal harmonies, instrumental skills, and musical diversity. Some of the reviews of their albums are:

  • Dodgy Bastards (2016): "A brilliantly constructed eight-minute song that rivals anything theyve done before... Steeleye Span have taken some major liberties along the way and its interesting to compare their versions of Bedlam Boys... Here that same song comes with banshee fiddle wails, riffy convolutions, power chords and a funky coda." (Louder)

  • Wintersmith (2013): "Old folk-rockers dont die, and they dont always fade away either... the Span of 2013 have found a new place to dwell... with reassuring reminders of their old place, but the furnitures all been updated... were in a world of futuristic folk... theres nothing for Spans season ticket holders to fear here." (Louder)

  • All Around My Hat (1975): "The 1975 hit that made them famous... a rousing treatment of a traditional song that showed off their electric folk style... The album also included Hard Times of Old England, a song that became an anthem for the folk revival." (The Guardian)

How to get their discography in FLAC format?

If you are interested in getting Steeleye Span's discography in FLAC format, you have several options. You can buy their CDs from online stores or physical shops, and then rip them to FLAC files using a software like Exact Audio Copy or dBpoweramp. You can also download their albums in FLAC format from digital platforms like Bandcamp or HDtracks, where you can pay what you want or choose from different prices. Alternatively, you can stream their albums in FLAC format from services like Tidal or Qobuz, where you can enjoy high-fidelity sound quality without downloading anything. ba313b4491


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