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Summer Breeze (Original Mix)

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Summer breeze is a citrus fresh aroma, allowing yourself to feel revitalised and energised. Summer breeze is an argan oil based formula, which is to help aid cell promotion, soften and moisturise hair and your skin. With the added benefits of vitamin E Summer breeze supports a healthy scalp. Summer breeze will give your hair a strong base to grow by reducing oxidative stress and preserving the protective lipid layer.

For best use, apply overnight onto the scalp and at the end of your hair. Use the pipette to place the oil directly on your scalp, for extra hair goals. Summer breeze aroma has been designed to energise and lift your mood, so it will help falling asleep and waking up energised.

In the heat of the final days of summer, time and temperature are like molasses. But with stagnation comes anticipation; pay attention and you can almost feel the crisp air of change riding on the back of a warm summer breeze. 781b155fdc


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