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63 Nayanmargal Story In Tamil Pdf 248

The Tirukkural texts are one of the earliest literary works to be compiled in the history of literature. While the earliest manuscripts are written in Tamil, some are also written in Sanskrit. They have primarily been written for the sole purpose of educating the common man and to preach the teachings of life, which we can also call the teachings of love; the lesser that among men is the greater is love. This Kural lays emphasis on one's own self and at the same time on others. It focuses a clear understanding of oneself and it mainly holds a distinction between virtues and vices. We can take the Tirukku ral to be equivalent to seven volumes of our social science text books.

63 Nayanmargal Story In Tamil Pdf 248

Among the different Tamil poems that make up the Tirukkural we find poems that deal with flowers, animals, clothes, houses and family relations. Different themes that are similar or the same, but are treated differently. The poetic aptitude in the Tirukkural is that it is simple in language and style, never vulgar, pleasant, painful, soft and noisy but ever cheerful and joyful. This is the wonderful feature of the kural that everybody likes to read, specially children who find it as the joy and pleasure of life.

Tamil literature is an important component of Tamil Nadu. Tamil is the main language of Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, and Sri Lanka. Dravidian languages are the main language spoken in these states. The Tamil literature forms a large part of the long literary tradition in Tamil Nadu, known as the Tamil literature. Tamil people are one of the largest linguistic groups in South Asia, and the Tamil language is the third most spoken language in India, second only to Hindi and English. Although the Tamil language evolved from Prakrit, its literature is older than Sanskrit, dating back to the 3rd millennium BCE. Tamil literature spans across genres including poetry, songs, drama, social commentary, epic and prose, and it is divided into bhasha kritis (lit. regional languages) and ravan kritis (lit. sub-language). The bhasha kritis are broken down into five languages: Tamil, Tamil Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, and Malyalam. The ravan kritis (Tamil: ) are broken down into a further five languages: Canarese (also known as Konkani), Tulu, Kodagu (in Karnataka), Bharatanatam (in Andhra Pradesh), and Malayalam.


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